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Why Do I Need a Primary Care Doctor?

Your health needs vary greatly throughout life, and even during your adult years, your medical risks and health profile can change dramatically. Having a primary care physician who understands those needs is essential for maintaining optimal wellness as you age.

With two locations in San Pedro, California, Harbor Community Health Centers is a leading provider of primary care services for patients of all ages. 

The basics of primary care

Primary care is called “primary” for good reason: Your primary care doctor is often the first contact you have when you don’t feel well or have medical concerns or questions. 

While specialists definitely play a vital role in managing your health, the purpose of seeing a specialist is to seek care that focuses on one area of medicine or one part of your body, like your heart or your kidneys. By contrast, a primary care provider focuses on your “whole health,” offering treatments for illnesses and diseases while also focusing on preventive care to keep you well. 

Trained in an array of medical services and care options, your primary care provider is like your own personal healthcare concierge, overseeing your wellness needs and coordinating treatment and care options. 

Why you need a primary care doctor

Having a primary care doctor offers plenty of benefits for your health and wellness.

Acute illness care

Our primary care doctors are skilled in treating all sorts of acute illnesses, including flu, strep throat, ear infections, allergies, and COVID-19 infections, as well as injuries like sprains and strains. These issues tend to come to mind when we think of “sick” visits — and they’re a good reason to have your primary care doctor.

Chronic disease management

In addition to acute illnesses (that is, illnesses of brief duration), our team is also experienced in managing chronic health issues, like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. An effective chronic disease management plan relies on a deep understanding of both the condition and the patient so we can adjust your therapy for long-term relief and better health.

Preventive care

Our team offers an array of preventive healthcare options, too, including health screenings, vaccine recommendations, and lifestyle guidance based on your risk factors. In fact, having an annual exam with your primary care doctor is one of the smartest things you can do to ward off diseases and other medical problems.

Care that changes with your needs

Your health needs will change dramatically over the course of your lifetime, and that means your medical care needs to change, too. Primary care doctors are trained to understand how health needs evolve over time, making them uniquely positioned to deliver the care you need when you need it.

Support, education, and advice

Personalized medical care is at the heart of what our primary care doctors do. That means offering compassionate support, health education, and access to up-to-the-minute health information. During every visit with our team, you’ll have time to ask questions and discuss concerns so you can make smart decisions about your physical and emotional health.

Keeping you healthy at every age

Having a dedicated primary care provider is like having your own personal healthcare team. Our providers have the skills, experience, and dedication to provide you with the care and attention you need to enjoy the best health possible at every stage of your life. 

To schedule an annual exam or to find out more about our primary care services, call 310-547-0202 to schedule an appointment with the Harbor Community Health Centers team at one of our two locations in San Pedro, California, today.

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