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Benefit Enrollment Assistance

Harbor Community Health Centers -  - Primary Care Practice

Harbor Community Health Centers

Primary Care Practice located in San Pedro, CA

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Your financial, insurance, or immigration status isn’t a problem. The sole focus of Harbor’s Benefit Enrollment department is finding access to medical care for patients in San Pedro and the Los Angeles and South Bay areas.

What is Benefit Enrollment Assisting?

When you want to start receiving services from Harbor, our staff will perform a complete assessment of your insurance. If there are gaps, or you don’t have any, assistance programs or reimbursements are available from MediCal, Medicare, Covered California, and others. Our enrollment team will determine for which of these you qualify and help you apply. 

What benefits are available?

There is a family planning support program, through which patients can get pregnancy tests at no charge. MediCal recipients over fifty can get the full scope of coverage regardless of immigration status. Harbor’s Sliding Fee Discount Program, based on household size and income, is also available for everything but referrals and lab tests. These are just some examples of the ways Harbor can make sure you get the care you need.

What if my current care provider isn’t Harbor, or Harbor doesn’t accept my insurance?

Our utmost priority is patient health. If you’re in long-term treatment like dialysis or chemotherapy, we recommend you stay with your current provider so it’s not interrupted. If you want to come to Harbor after your treatment or any other time, our staff can help you switch primary care providers.

Patients whose insurance is out of network are welcome to two courtesy visits to Harbor. Whatever your situation, no one will be turned away for being unable to pay.

What else can the Benefit Enrollment staff help with?

Harbor has a Medicare expert on staff to answer questions about applying or help you through the process. Our onsite staff means hours less waiting to apply for MediCal and other programs on your own. And any of our employees are happy and able to help you navigate Harbor’s care system and clinic. For any topic you have questions about, bilingual assistance is available.