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When a Behavioral Health Evaluation Might Be Necessary

When a Behavioral Health Evaluation Might Be Necessary

For decades, the issue of mental health care has been plagued by stigma and misunderstandings. Today, thankfully, that’s changing, and people are beginning to realize that caring for your behavioral health needs is just as important as caring for your physical body.

At Harbor Community Health Centers, our team helps patients manage their mental health needs with comprehensive behavioral health evaluations aimed at helping patients manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and other issues. Here are eight reasons why you should consider having a behavioral health evaluation with our team.

#1: You’re thinking about hurting yourself

People who feel hopeless, lost, or lacking a sense of purpose in life sometimes turn to thoughts of self-harm or even suicide. Even though it might feel like there’s no answer, there is — and having a behavioral health evaluation is the first step toward feeling better. 

#2: You’re struggling with a significant life change

Some life changes can be exciting, but they can often be a trigger for anxiety and stress, leaving you feeling like you have no control over your future. Our team can provide you with unbiased guidance to help you navigate those changes positively.

#3: You’re drinking too much or using drugs

Suppose you’ve developed a dependency or habit that’s taking a toll on your finances, out work, or your life in general. In that case, a behavioral health evaluation can help you learn healthy habits, along with better ways to cope with life’s stresses and challenges.

#4: You’ve developed behaviors or habits you can’t control

With compulsive behaviors, sometimes it can seem as if those behaviors or thoughts control your life. Counseling can help you regain control and manage your thoughts and actions.

#5: You feel stressed, overwhelmed, or “not yourself”

We all feel stressed from time to time, but when “stressed out” becomes your life’s mantra, a behavioral health specialist can help you learn proactive ways to manage stress and adopt a calmer approach to your life.

#6: You’re having trouble controlling your temper

Anger is a manifestation of many underlying behavioral health issues, including stress and depression. Our team can help you learn to tame negative thinking processes and learn new, healthier ways to cope.

#7: You’re having relationship problems

Behavioral health issues can damage relationships — quickly. Likewise, if you’re already having relationship issues, those problems can lead to behavioral health issues. Our team can help you break that cycle for healthier relationships now and in the future.

#8: People are concerned about you or your behavior

Sometimes, it’s difficult to see problems in your behavior, especially once those behaviors become habits. If colleagues, friends, or loved ones have commented on troubling behaviors, having a behavioral health evaluation can identify issues that may need some attention.

That’s just a partial list of reasons to seek a behavioral health evaluation. If you find yourself feeling hopeless, frustrated, confused, or simply lacking a clear direction, scheduling a behavioral health evaluation is a good first step toward feeling better and taking control of your life again.

Call Harbor Community Health Centers or book an appointment online today to learn more about the behavioral health services offered at our three locations in San Pedro, California.

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