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What is Mpox?

Mpox is a disease caused by infection from the Mpox virus. Mpox is a public health concern because it can be transmitted from person-to-person contact, can cause serious illness and even death. The current risk for Mpox by the general public is very low, but some people are at higher risk for getting it.

What are common symptoms of Mpox?

The common symptoms of Mpox are similar to those of the flu. They include fever, low energy, swollen lymph nodes, and body aches. Most people develop a rash or sores within 1 to 3 days of getting a fever. The rash and sores can be very painful and itchy and can appear in genitals, hands, feet, face, & mouth. Symptoms usually start 5 to 21 days after exposure and most people recover in 2 to 4 weeks.

How is Mpox transmitted?

Mpox is mostly spread by people with symptoms, but can also spread from people who don’t know they’re infected or have any visible symptoms. It can spread by:

Mpox Testing and JYNNEOS Vaccine Now Available at HarborCHC

How can I prevent Mpox?

There are many ways to prevent the spread of Mpox including these:

Who should get the JYNNEOS vaccine?

Anyone who is at risk for getting Mpox. You should get the vaccine if you identify as a Latinx or African American man who has sex with men, have had one or more STI’s in the last 6 months, if you’ve had intimate contact with someone who has Mpox, or if you’re living with HIV.

How does the JYNNEOS vaccine work?

Two doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine provide the best protection. Get dose 1, then wait 4 weeks to get the second dose. You will have maximum protection two weeks after your second dose.

To schedule your appointment for Mpox testing or to receive the JYNNEOS vaccine at Harbor Community Health Centers, please call our dedicated line at 310-547-0202 extension 137.



California Department of Public Health

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