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The Importance of Well Baby and Well Child Appointments

When your child is ill, taking them to visit the doctor is a no-brainer. But the American Academy of Pediatrics notes that well-child visits are just as important — so important they maintain a list of recommended ages for well visits throughout childhood.

At Harbor Community Health Centers, our team believes well visits form an essential cornerstone of pediatric care, helping children enjoy healthier, happier lives as they grow. Learn why having regular well visits for your child is so important for their health and wellness — now and all the way through their adult years, too.

1. Growth and development

One of the most important reasons to have regular well-child visits is to ensure your child’s growth and development stay on track. We assess your child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development during each exam. 

During the very early months and years of life, we compare your child’s development to established milestone charts. These comparisons help us pinpoint potential issues early, so we can employ appropriate interventions as needed. Assessing your child’s growth and development helps them succeed and thrive in every area of their lives.

2. Prevention

The second biggest reason for regular well-child visits is to help your child stay healthy. Well visits form a cornerstone of preventive care for kids and for adults, too. 

Regular well visits provide an ongoing record of your child’s health and development, allowing us to spot subtle signs of problems in their earliest stages. Our team makes recommendations for diet, exercise, and socialization to help your child grow and thrive. We also recommend immunizations to help ward off serious and potentially life-threatening diseases.

3. Mental and emotional health

Physical health is just one aspect of a person’s wellness. Emotional well-being is also essential. Regular well-child visits allow our team to identify emotional development issues that could hold your child back. 

We also assess behavior and social skills while looking for issues that could be making it harder for your child to make and maintain friendships. And of course, we screen for mental health issues, like depression and anxiety so that appropriate therapies can be initiated.

4. Set the stage for a healthy life

Seeing a doctor on a regular basis also helps your child accept good healthcare habits as a normal part of their life. Underscoring the importance of regular checkups helps establish healthy behaviors that will benefit your child throughout their lives. 

Having routine well-child visits helps your child develop a bond of trust with their healthcare providers so they feel comfortable discussing their own concerns as they grow. Plus, our team can provide recommendations to specialists when needed to help your child always receive the care they need for their unique issues and concerns.

5. Parental support

Well-child visits are intended to focus on your child’s health and wellness, but that doesn’t mean parents are left out. During your child’s visit, we take plenty of time to answer questions and discuss your concerns, providing you with the support and guidance you need to make important decisions focused on your child’s healthy future.

Give your child the support, guidance, and tools they need to support at every age and every stage of life. To schedule a well-child visit for your child, request an appointment online or over the phone with Harbor Community Health Centers in San Pedro, California, today.

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